Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Dog

At Mullum Road Clinic in Ringwood, we have psychologists that offer Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Animal Assisted Therapy is a form of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment and our clinic specialises in dogs for Animal Assisted Therapy.

The goal of AAT is to improve a person’s social and emotional functioning. Advocates state that animals can be useful for a range of educational and motivational effectiveness for participants. A therapist who brings along a therapy dog also increases the rapport between client and therapist. More information on AAT and ways it can be helpful can be found on the Animal Assisted Therapy page.

Our therapy dogs receive training and certification. They complete Professional Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) Courses for Human-Canine Teams.

AAT Dog Casper

casper as a puppy from dog therapy page_edited-1-2

Casper the therapy dog, is a white Golden Retriever and loves coming into the  clinic  to work with all kinds of people. Casper is very gentle and friendly, loves  nachos and  can do high fives! Many of the clients enjoy walking and talking, so  Casper is  frequently taken for walks throughout the working day. Casper’s  presence at the  Mullum Road Clinic has been of significant benefit.

Casper is fully trained and accredited and is the first therapy dog to work at  Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists. The Intensive-Dog Handlers course and the Advanced Therapy-Dog Handlers Course was completed with psychologist Leanne Winter. Casper and Leanne participated in the Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists exhibit at the Melbourne Autism Expo. They also took part in a talk and exhibit, at the Autism Health & Well Being Expo.

Instagram; @casper_parti_therapydogs

Leanne Winter & Casper at AAT Training

AAT Training Course

Leanne Winter, Animal Assisted Therapy Dog, CasperLeanne Winter And AAT Dog Casper

AAT Dog Bronson

IMG_2383 - Copy (8)_edited-1 Bronson AAT Dog page 2015 MRCPW Bronson the therapy dog is a chocolate Labradoodle. The Labradoodle breed has a  happy friendly manner, keen and easy to train. Their kindness and intelligence can  attract trainers wanting special dogs for therapy dogs. Bronson particularly loves    sticks, having snacks and he is very photogenic.

The Intensive-Dog Handlers course was completed with Psychologist Dr Christine Grove.  Bronson and Christine have participated in the Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists Exhibit, at the Melbourne Autism Expo and the Autism Health and Well Being Expo. Bronson and Christine look forward to meeting with their clients.

Instagram; @bronsonthelabradoodle

Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Bronson

Bronson Certified

Christine Grove and AAT Dog BronsonChristine Grove and AAT Dog Bronson

AAT Dog Parti

Parti pup in training AAT Dog page MRCPW 2015 Parti the therapy dog is a Poodle and poodles are known to be a sociable  breed and of good nature. Parti is a Parti  Poodle, a mainly white Poodle with a Parti-colored coat (spotted).  They are an intelligent breed which helps make them highly  trainable. Parti has much energy, is fun and also enjoys going on regular walks.

The Foundation AAI and Therapy-Dog certification course (six days) was completed with Clinical Psychologist Leanne Winter. This course replaces the five day Intensive Therapy Dog Handlers Course. Parti and Leanne participated in the Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists exhibit at the Melbourne Autism Expo.  They were also involved in a talk and the exhibit, at the Autism Health & Well Being Expo.

Instagram; @casper_parti_therapydogs

Leanne Winter, with Animal Assisted Therapy Dog, - in training, Parti, and, Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Casper

Leanne Winter, Parti, Casper

Animal Assisted Therapy Dog - in training, Parti, Mullum Road Clinic Psychology

AAT Dog Parti – in the Therapy Room

AAT Dog Milo

Animal Assisted Therapy Dog, Milo, Mullum Road Clinic PsychologistsMilo the therapy dog is a rescue, cross-breed dog. We ordered a DNA test to find out his breed, a Breed Ancestry Certification. Our special Milo is a genetic mixture of Shih Tzu, Australian Cattle Dog, Lhasa Apso & Toy Poodle. Milo is cheeky, intelligent and loves your attention. He also loves cuddles and children.

Milo is a trained and accredited Animal Assisted Therapy Dog. The Foundation AAI and Therapy-Dog certification course was completed with Psychologist Tess Shashyan. Tess had been waiting for the perfect rescue dog to join the Mullum Road Clinic canine team. Tess also has a Rottweiler rescue dog called Sasha but she is a little old to train for AAT and Milo is learning from his big, canine sister Sasha. Tess and Milo are happy to join the AAT Human-Canine Team at Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists.

Instagram; @milothemutt.rescue.therapydog

Tess Shashyan

Animal Assisted Therapy, Dog, Milo, Mullum Road Clinic Psychologist

Milo on the job

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